Ecommerce Website Design

Process :

1.Desinging Home page template: Based on business requirement, We design the home page template and send you for aproval, we suggest you for best design which suits your business requirment.

2.Creation of a shopping cart: A Shopping Cart can be thought of as a device that ensures a live shopping experience. It is like a counter where the customer can view the details of the product.

3.Integration of the design,Shopping cart & Payment Gateway: In this stage, we customise the design with shopping cart along with payment gateway, payment grteway will be suggested as per the requirement.


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Protect your Customers' private data
Secure online transactions and increase revenue

Reliable SSL Certificates from Thawte
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Upto 256 bit Encryption Level
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Price Options

1. SSL123 - Rs:2664.37 / Year -   Recomended for Internal Server

2. Web ServerCert - RS: 7104.57 / Year - Recomended for Public Websites

3. SGC Super Cert - RS:14082.31/ Year - Recomended for Ecommerece Websites

4. Wild Card  Server Cert- RS: 24,866.35 / Year - Recomended for Multiple Sub Domains

DEDICATED IP: Rs. 3851/ Year